Chris Buxton - Director & CEO

British Fluid Power Association


January 2020


"As the CEO of a small company with a very unpredictable workload the opportunity to engage a company such as Liruss was 'manna from heaven.' We particularly need occasional telesales support and employed the team on a sales project. They not only did a good job on the selling aspect of the exercise but also provided a very professional synopsis of their activity, the outcome and necessary updates to our in-house system. Excellent! I would certainly recommend LIRUSS to any company requiring extra resource on an intermittent 'call-off' basis. (They are also very nice people with whom to work!)"

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Natalie Chappell - B2B Digital Marketing Manager

Zest For Media


June 2019


"The team at Liruss were beyond helpful. Not only did they excellently perform the tasks I asked, they found new ways to do them better. I am now working with the team on exciting additional new projects and I’m so pleased I found them. Liruss is a valuable asset to any business requiring VA business support. I only wish I’d found them sooner!"

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Thomas Harley - Managing Director

Get Set UK


December 2018


"I have been working with Liruss for two months now after being introduced to the concept of Virtual Business Services. I have to say it has been a fantastic experience to date.

The team were very quick at picking up our internal processes and systems and has significantly reduced my workload, allowing me to concentrate on more strategic activities. The team look to add value to our processes where they spots improvements may be needed and is proactive in their engagement with the rest of my staff. The team's very efficient with time, producing a lot of output with the allocated hours we have agreed. Because of this I feel working with Liruss represents excellent value for money. I highly recommend."

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Avril Chester - Founder & CEO

Cancer Central


June 2020


"Meeting the Liruss team has honestly been life-changing for me. From the wonderful onboarding process, to the small touches, the incredible support, the strong depth of experience, the exceptional customer service, how time is scheduled effectively and of course all while maintaining complete confidentiality. I absolutely love the wording used on the packages and thoroughly enjoy our catchups. Would recommend Liruss Virtual Business Services in a heartbeat."

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Beckie Hyson - Chief Amazement Officer

The Events Raccoon


February 2018


"Having previously worked with Liruss, I know and trust the teams abilities. I'd never used a VA before, it was a new concept to me but something I will certainly consider again. I used Liruss for help with a research task and also sales calls and appointment booking, it was really helpful to have someone who could do the investigatory work on some cold sales leads and follow them up for me.

I was extremely happy with the level of service provided. It was helpful to be able to push back slightly and get some recommendations rather than just doing what was asked.

I would 100% recommend Liruss Virtual Business Services to other Business Owners."

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