Could LinkedIn Be Your Missing Link?

Could LinkedIn Be Your Missing Link?


Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….


There are so many social media channels in this day and age, it’s hard to know which one is the best for promoting your business and raising your profile. 


Each one attracting a different audience - for us, the winner is Linkedin. It’s not only a platform to promote your business, but it can also be used to find your next recruit or your next business partner. 


Here are our top tips when using LinkedIn:


1. Linkedin can be used in many ways and it all starts with building a solid network of business connections. 

Connections that can offer exposure to people searching for products or services that you have to offer. LinkedIn's search feature also allows others who are looking for what you offer to find your profile and browse your offerings.



2. Building trust and confidence from the start is key.

The ability to display recommendations from others on Linkedin and showcase your testimonials provides reassurance to all potential customers. 


3. The key to making Linkedin work for you and your business is to be proactive. 

It’s important as with any social media channel to be at the front of mind always, therefore posting regular status updates about things that you are working on and who you're working for will increase engagement. Include updates that would be of interest to your target audience and any potential clients. Tagging clients in to raise their profile too will always help, as we have learnt small businesses supporting small businesses is the circle of life. 


5. There are groups on Linkedin that you could join that relate your business. 

Answering questions, offering advice and being a resource that people can trust is equally as important as it shows your expertise in your field of work. 


So what are you waiting for? Get signed up and Linkedin!

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