Dont Be Busy, Be Productive

Don't Be Busy, Be Productive


Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Running around from one task to another and then it gets to the end of the day & your list is still as long as when you started and you don’t really feel like you have achieved anything. You might be busy but are you being productive? Here are some tips we have learnt along the way that we would like to share with you. Whether you are a business owner, work from home or work as part of a team these tips can be applied to your working day.

1. To-Do List 


Everyone loves a good old fashioned to-do list. A list where you can plan your day, everything you need to do is out of your head onto paper and you have a visual representation of what you actually need to do. Lists also help, with seeing your progress  - there is nothing more satisfying than crossing off what you have achieved.


2. Remind Yourself Of The Why


Sometimes, we all need to take a step back from the everyday stresses to think about why we are doing this. The impact of why we are doing what we are doing on our clients, our teams and our families. Understanding the reason behind why you are doing what you are doing will enhance motivation in yourself and in your team and those around you. 


3. Look After Yourself 


You will only be productive when you are looking after number 1...yourself. Healthy eating, sleep and exercise help with how productive and efficient you can be. Taking time out for you is equally important,  as it is for those around you. 


4. Hire a VA


Do you ever think about those little tasks, which take up time that could be well spent on other things? The updating of client records, going back to enquiries or research for your next event….all-important but time consuming when you could be out there marketing, meeting new clients and locking down those all-important deals. A VA - there to cater to these needs for as little or much as you require them. Then there is the flexibility that comes with a VA, they can work from wherever they need to. They are part of the team but they don’t come with all the admin an employee does. But the most important reason to choose a VA is that they are there to help you, they are part of your team and they are there to help you achieve a work-life balance as well as a successful, efficient company.


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