12 Habits of Successful Small Business Owners

12 Habits of Successful Small Business Owners


Do you ever wonder what successful small business owners have in common with one another?
We'd like to share 12 common traits that we've seen in the Small Business owners that we work with on a daily basis:

1. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night and wake up earlier than everyone else
Sleep is often the first thing to slip when running a business because you just want to get everything done, but here's the thing, we all NEED sleep in order to fire on all cylinders.
Don't take for granted how much of a priority sleep is to maintain good health for mind and body.

2. Write down 3 top priority tasks you need to complete each day
You'll never complete EVERYTHING on the to-do list in a day, so learn to prioritise, what is going to help you move forward quickest?

3. Create a default schedule and stick to it (allowing time for key priorities such as family time, client work, fitness)
It's easy to succumb to the demands of a growing business but if you work 24/7 the important things in your life will suffer because you're not MAKING time for them, so make sure that you know what is most important to you in life and prioritise those into your diary above everything else.

4. Add value to your product or service each and every day
If people love your product or service already that's great but those who are really successful are the ones that keep making improvements whenever and wherever possible.

5. Take action every day
Too many people have lists full of ideas and yet they don't create a plan and take ACTION. You may not have it perfect just yet, but if you're seeking for perfection before getting your product or service out there, you may miss the boat.

6. Be grateful - thank people for even the small things
If you live with gratitude, positivity will always find it's way back to you.

7. Be a motivator to your team
Your team will be motivated by your passion but it's important that when the going gets tough, you continue to motivate from within.

8. Listen - to your customers AND team
The people around you can make or break your business - make sure that you are listening for key improvement ideas. Listen to feedback and take it constructively to use it as and when needed.

9. Ask for help from an expert quickly if you're stuck
Don't waste time training yourself on things you don't know - get an expert in and continue to focus on the parts of the business that you ARE good at. You can't be an expert at everything.

10. Make time for YOU
Because you deserve it - quite simple.

11. Take care of your mind and body
If you are fighting fit, running and growing your business is so much easier, don't let yourself fall into burnout, you'll pay the price in the long run.

12. Learn something new every day
Learning is a key part of running and growing a business, be sure to learn each and every day. Complacency will kill a business.

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