How to Work at Home Effectively as an Introvert

How to Work at Home Effectively as an Introvert


The work from home life – full of peace, freedom and endless hot beverages! Or is it?


No matter if you’re employed or self-employed, working from home still means there are schedules to set and deadlines to meet. That doesn’t mean to say that the working from home life is awful. Far from it. 


Follow these 5 tips for how to work effectively from him, especially if you are an introvert.


1. Create a working space

Working from home means you are more likely to be distracted by the dirty dishes, unclean floors and scattered home life debris, meaning your focus and productivity will be affected. To combat this, make sure you have a clean area allocated for your work which is kept clear and free of distractions.

2. Set working hours
If you have the pleasure of working from home, you may have the opportunity to set your own working hours. If you find you’re an early bird and work better in the morning, try setting your working hours from 7am. Or, if you work better in the evening, perhaps 3pm onwards works better for you. The key is to make sure you’re working when you’re at your most productive.

3. Set your preferred method of communication
Introverts can be sensitive to how they communicate with others. Some are fine with talking on the phone, others prefer to talk via messaging systems or just good old email. Whichever way you prefer to communicate, let your clients and peers know. Letting others know the best way to communicate with you can help reduce some of the social anxiety you may have.

4. Get organised
Many working from home strategies revolve around specific productivity tips, however we know that everyone learns differently. That means we aren’t going to tell you how to organise your day but encourage you to find a productivity or organisation method that suits you. A few things to bear in mind: keep it simple and easy to pick up, don’t allow it to take time away from actual work and make sure it aids in productivity!

5. Book in social time
A common misconception surrounding introverts is that they like to be alone 100% of the time. Everyone needs time to socialise and gain a better quality of life. Introverts may just decide to do it in smaller doses. Some ideas to gain social interaction whilst working from home are spending a day in a coffee shop, plan a lunch date or meet up with friends during the day or after work.


Contrary to popular belief, working from home isn’t always easy. Solitude and distractions can leave you lonely and unproductive. Hopefully, the above tips will help set good habits to allow you to enjoy the beauty of working from home.

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