What Tasks Can I Outsource to My Virtual Assistant?

What Tasks Can I Outsource to My Virtual Assistant?


You’ve hired your Virtual Assistant but now you’re wondering what tasks to delegate to them. Here are 9 ideas to get you started.


Diary Management – If you’re struggling to remember what day it is, or when and where your meetings are taking place, ask your VA to manage your diary. They can make sure you’re never double booked, you have all the information you need and plenty of time for travel, freeing you up to concentrate on other projects.


CRM Management – All good businesses need a CRM system, a database of all your clients and potential leads. This will need regularly updating, and when you’re busy this becomes a task that often gets put off. By outsourcing the management of your CRM you can ensure that everything is up to date and if some leads need a call, perhaps your VA could chase them for you!


Inbox Management - Have you found that you dread opening your inbox on a Monday morning, you’re replying to emails on a weekend, or perhaps you’ve missed a couple of new leads? Giving your Virtual Assistant access and clear instructions on what actions to take can remove a lot of stress and stop you dreading that email notification ping.


Online Research – Get time-consuming tasks like internet research completed by your Virtual Assistant. Receive information on any topic in a timeframe that suits you.


Social Media – A Virtual Assistant can post or schedule posts on your social media channels on your behalf, increasing the visibility of your brand. VA’s skilled in social media can also help you create a social media strategy too.


Blog Ghost-writing – Your blog can fetch a large amount of traffic, if done correctly. A Virtual Assistant can help you with this by creating fresh content and posting or scheduling it to wherever you host your blog.


Website Management – Websites require regular maintenance and updating which can be a long and tedious process. Virtual Assistants can help with tasks such as uploading and editing images or updating prices and online inventory. They can also carry out maintenance work including checking links are active, spell checking and ensuring contact details are correct etc.


Report Management – As a business owner, you probably deal with a plethora of reports on a regular basis. Outsource this task to your VA, who can import and export data, handle spreadsheet creation and updates.


Customer Service Support – Customer service is a task that can easily be outsourced to your Virtual Assistant. They can help reply to queries within stipulated timelines, resolve and escalate cases, stay on top of customer tasks or anything else that may require action.


Whichever tasks you decide to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, it is important to build trust and help them to fully understand your business – it will take time at the beginning of the relationship, but it will pay off going forward.


If you wish to discuss which tasks you could outsource and how we can help you boost your productivity, please get in touch.

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