Who Should Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Who Should Hire a Virtual Assistant?


In theory – I’d love to say that any Entrepreneur or Business owner that is spending too much time doing their admin needs to consider hiring a VA. However, this simply isn’t the case.


A Virtual Assistant is a remote, outsourced member of your team, who is likely to be looking after your work for a set number of hours per month. They will be supporting other clients alongside the work they do for you. 

For many business owners, they know they need help, they might even think they are prepared to get help, but sometimes, this just isn’t the case.


Below, you’ll find 3 traits of someone who SHOULD hire a Virtual Assistant.


1 – Focus and passion for the business is dwindling, due to excessive workload.

When you started the business, you loved the journey but right now, you’re in danger of overwhelm or burnout. You are struggling to see where the business is heading or what steps you can take to get to where you want to go.

This is often due to a lack of processes or systems and the fact that you’re keeping all information in your own head!


2 – You don’t even know what focusing ON the business means anymore!

You’re the hero – doing everything yourself, learning ‘10 ways to market your business’, ‘how to sell like a pro’, ‘how to be a bookkeeper’. This can seem great at first, learning all these new skills and implementing them. It can even fill you with pride, but soon when the business is coming in – something’s gotta give! Delivery or sales. If you focus too much time on delivery, the pipeline will run dry, but too much time on sales, and who is going to deliver?

At this point, with a list as long as your arm, you might be fooled into thinking you don’t have time to show someone the ropes – WRONG! You don’t have time NOT to. If you were focused on the business right now, you’d see the benefits of investing a little time now, for long term gain! 


3 – You have no space to take on additional clients!

We see this A LOT! You reach the peak – it is just you who is delivering, and you’d forgotten to calculate the ‘cap’ on your time and income level. This may be great news for business owners looking for a lifestyle business, but if you are ambitious – you have reached a pivotal moment where outsourcing or employing is your ONLY option.


So, there you have it – who should outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

In a nutshell: Ambitious business owners who want to achieve growth, without the worry of burnout!


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