5 Tips for Organising Your Week

5 Tips for Organising Your Week



Here are our 5 top tips for planning your week and getting more organised...


1. Plan your week ahead

Whether it’s a week before, the night before, or just first thing on Monday morning – plan your week! Write a list of the tasks you need to accomplish and prioritise them, then tick them off as you go.


2. Use a time tracker

At Liruss, we use Toggl to keep track of our time. We need to do this in order to let our clients know how much time we’re using, but it also helps to keep you on track and give you an idea of how long a task will take you next time you have something similar to do. Not only that, but when you’re counting every second of time you’ve worked on something, you won’t want to see large gaps where you haven’t been working!


3. Allow time for interruptions

Someone will knock on the door, the phone will ring, your dog will ask to be let out, you’ll need to take a toilet break… So, allow time for these things because you just know they’re going to happen!


4. Switch your phone off

So, we know distractions are going to occur, but if you really need to knuckle down for an hour to work on a task – try to eliminate as many as you can. Turn off your phone! People can leave a voicemail or send you an email and you can get back to them once you’ve finished.


5. Start with the big’un!

That really big, scary task you keep putting off because you’re dreading it… Do that first, rather than keep putting it off and have it hanging over your head. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can take on anything the week throws at you!

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