Talent Dynamics: Understanding your workforce

Talent Dynamics: Understanding your workforce



Are you a Creator, a Star, or a Trader? 


Do you start new projects whilst happily juggling multiple deadlines, or are you more of a peacemaker but mischievous with your delivery? Talent Dynamics allow employers to gauge what type of person you are, by focusing on an individual’s productive state - or ‘flow’. 


Talent Dynamics establish what your flow is, in terms of where you add the most value to your work, and how you navigate your workflow. Each profile has its own strengths and helps employers establish if you are more creative, or strategic - more of a team player, or if you’re more of an independent worker. Recruitment agencies such as Better People encourage their placed recruits to take the fifteen-minute questionnaire so that employers can determine what strengths and characteristics their new employees are bringing to their business. 


Lisa Russell, CEO and Founder of Liruss has encouraged each member of the businesses workforce to take The Talent Dynamics questionnaire, and will confidently use it when hiring in the future. “Growing and recruiting a virtual team can make it challenging when it comes to ‘team bonding’ but also when trying to get to know and understand your new team member effectively. For us it was integral that each team member can understand the different personalities, strengths and weaknesses we have within the team in order to work effectively – that’s why utilising Talent Dynamics was a no brainer for us. Within minutes, we now have a deeper understanding of how to manage, lead, and collaborate with each other.”


Talent Dynamics helps employers spot potential opportunities in terms of team dynamics, along with workflow and role objectives. It also helps identify what elements of the role is more exciting, and what could be considered draining to a particular employee.


Want to find out if you or an employee is a Lord, Mechanic or Supporter? Visit Talent Dynamics today!

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